‘Outbreak’ of STIs reported at University of Limerick

Student health centre issues ‘urgent alert’ over gonorrhoea and chlamydia cases

The University of Limerick has said it is working closely with the HSE following "an outbreak" of sexually-transmitted diseases (STIs) on the campus.

An “urgent alert to all students” was issued via email to the university’s student population by the UL student health centre on Wednesday, advising of “an outbreak of gonorrhoea and chlamydia.

“These are sexually transmitted diseases as a result of unprotected anal, vaginal or oral sex,” said the email.

“It is possible to have these conditions without having any type of symptoms.”

It advised students to contact their GP or the student health services, “if you have had unprotected sex or have any concerns”.


Dr Bernadette Walsh, UL's director of student services, said the increased detection of STIs could be a consequence of the health centre "proactively screening" for the diseases.

“According to the most up-to-date figures that we have access to, there have been 97 cases of gonorrhoea in counties Clare, Limerick and Tipperary during 2016.

“Fourteen of these are associated with this campus, which consists of approximately 15,000 students,” she said.

Dr Walsh said the health of all students was paramount and that any student with concerns about their mental or physical health should seek appropriate medical treatment.

All students who present at the health centre are currently being seen, with or without an appointment.