Gallagher may face extradition proceedings


Dublin Circuit Criminal Court has received an indictment in the case of restaurateur Mr Conrad Gallagher, who is understood to be in the US.

A warrant was issued for the arrest of the well-known chef after he failed to turn up for his trial for alleged art theft on October 15th.

The Chief Prosecutor Solicitors' Office can now apply to serve Mr Gallagher with an extradition warrant so that he can be brought back to Ireland for trial.

It is widely believed that Mr Gallagher is resident in New York. He married an American in September and opened a restaurant called Traffic on Manhattan's First Avenue.

The celebrity chef tried on a number of occasions to have his trial adjourned until he was able to finalise his US citizenship but his attempts failed.

Mr Gallagher's trial was fixed in May after the court heard he would be pleading not guilty.

Three weeks ago Judge Michael White issued a bench warrant for the arrest of Mr Gallagher after waiting for an hour for him to turn up. He reached the conclusion that there was no doubt that the chef was aware of his court appearance.

He also issued a certificate that he was in breach of his bail conditions.

Mr Gallagher, formerly of Killiney Hill Road, Killiney, is facing charges in relation to three paintings which he allegedly sold in December 2000.

The paintings were claimed to be the property of the Fitzwilliam Hotel, on St Stephen's Green, Dublin, the location of Mr Gallagher's Peacock Alley Restaurant.

At a previous court sitting counsel for Mr Gallagher said the accused man was in New York and unfit to travel.

Judge Elizabeth Dunne was told at the time that Mr Gallagher had a ticket to return from New York a number of weeks before but did not do so on foot of medical advice. There was a report in court.

Mr Gallagher later appeared in court, along with his solicitor, Mr Gerard Keane, to hear his trial date being fixed by Judge Dunne and was remanded on continuing bail.