Tayto Park banks on vulture fun as two chicks born

Co Meath theme park welcomes endangered white-headed vultures

A pair of rare, white-headed vultures have been born in Tayto Park, Co Meath, the theme park and zoo said on Monday.

The African natives are critically endangered and at grave risk of becoming extinct.

They have a wingspan of over more than two metres, are known to actively hunt live prey, but are generally seen feeding on fresh carrion. They are also partial to stranded fish, termites and locusts, according to the park.

An African species with a large range throughout sub-Saharan Africa, white-headed vultures will inhabit hot, dry, open savannahs. However, they will have to make do in this case with the lush farmland of Co Meath.


The two new arrivals, born earlier this month, have not been named, Tayto Park said in a statement.