Leaving Cert Helpdesk: What to do if you haven’t received an offer

Day 2: A selection of questions answered by the helpdesk guidance counsellors


The Irish Times free online helpdesk is receiving questions from teenagers and their parents over what implications the 2019 Leaving Cert results might have for them.

On the third day of questions from students and parents, topics ranged from queries about second round offers to random selection to deferrals. Brian Howard and Deirdre Garrett, both members of the Institute of Guidance Councillors, are replying to queries on Friday from 9am.

Any recommendation for good Fetac course to get an entry into any law course in TCD, DIT, DCU or UCD?
Please go to cao.ie and, under student resources, click on right-hand side: QQI FET/Fetac information. Enter your level 8 CAO course code. You will then be given a list of Fetac courses (beginning with 5M) that can offer you progression to third level.

I got 726 points looking for medicine in NUIG but didn’t get the offer. I was wondering if I accept my current Level 8 Round 1 offer, could I get a Round 2 offer for Med in Galway if someone else drops out?
Yes, you most certainly can, assuming it was your first choice or above the offer you just received.

If I accept a Level 7 course by Friday 23rd, can I still be offered a Round 2/Round 3 Level 8 course that I did not get first time around?
Yes you can. If the points drop in subsequent rounds and you have that number of points, you will be offered your course of preference from your Level 8 list.

My son has the exact required points for commerce at UCD: 498. He did not get offered this course, however, and was offered his second choice. Should he just accept the second choice and hope he gets commerce in Round 2 or 3?
Yes, the points for commerce are 498*, where the star indicates random selection has been used, that is, not all candidates on 498* have received an offer for this course. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing how many people are in the random pool, and your son’s chances of getting an offer in Round 2 or 3. You are right to suggest your son accept his second preference and hope for the best for Round 2 or 3 that a place will become available.

What is the available places application? Can I get a course on this? I’m short 50 points the one I want.
After everyone has filled out their CAO form, and Round 1 offers have been issued, some courses will still have vacant places. These will be advertised on the CAO website under available/vacant places. One can add a course from this list to their CAO list. This facility opens at noon, August 20th.

My son has the points for his course but got an F3 in maths and the course eligibility is F2. He is a Dare applicant. Any chance he might be considered? He has not received an offer.
He must meet entry requirements and subject requirements in order to be considered for a Dare place.

I haven’t received an offer or a “statement of application” email yet. Are they still being sent out or is there something I’m completely missing? I’m an international student, if it makes any difference.
Something doesn’t sound right. I would advise you to email CAO. All queries should be dealt with within 24 hours.

I’ve been offered my third-choice course, science in Maynooth, but I would prefer to do my fourth choice. If I accept Maynooth, could I still be offered my fourth choice in round two?
I am afraid not. All courses that lie below today’s offer have now become obsolete. You may only receive higher-up preference in future rounds.

Can my son defer a Level 7 offer for a year?
Yes. He must contact the admissions office immediately and try seek a deferral.

On my son’s CAO application, it says: “There are no offers available to you at this time.” Is this normal or is there something we haven’t done correctly in order to find an offer?
CAO will make an offer when a candidate has met minimum entry requirements, specific subject requirement and 2019 CAO cut-off points. I would advise you to look at the entry requirements to see if your son failed to satisfy them.

If you receive an offer through Dare scheme, does it tell you that it was through Dare that you received that offer or does it just appear like a normal offer?
You only know if it’s a Dare offer when you haven’t made the necessary cut-off points but have still received an offer.

My daughter has received two offers by text both for Level 8 courses. Can this be right or is there a glitch in the system? Her friend had also received two offers.
The maximum number of offers made to each candidate is two. One must be a Level 8 and another must be from their Level 6/7 list.

I would recommend you to contact CAO by phone or email.

My daughter has got her first choice, medicine, and now wants her second choice. Is there any way she can reject first choice and take up her second offer.
I am afraid not. All offers below today’s offer are now obsolete. Are both courses in the same college. Perhaps you could ring admissions and query their policy on internal transfers?