Gradfair checklist

Some handy tips to help you make the most of the upcoming gradireland graduate fair

To make the most of the fair it is worth preparing in advance.

To make the most of the fair it is worth preparing in advance.


Ireland’s biggest graduate fair kicks off at the RDS Simmonscourt on October 4th and will feature more than 120 recruiters, course providers and industry representatives to help you make an informed decision about your choice of career.

Whether you are attending with a view to informing yourself about what the employers have to offer, or are seeking more in-depth detail about the application process or what qualifications are needed to kick-start your career, the gradireland graduate careers fair is a fantastic opportunity for you to discover what you really need to know.


1. Know why you are attending. Ask yourself what information it is you want from the event – do you want to find out about potential employers, gain more information about a particular industry or find out about job experience or internship opportunities.

2. Arrive early. Make sure you know where you are going. The fair starts at 11am and you would be best served arriving before then in order to make the most of the day.

3. Plan your day. Visit the gradireland website to discover what employers will be in attendance and draw up a list of who you want to speak to.

4. Do some research on the employers that interest you. Visit their websites and draw up a list of questions you might have about their graduate programmes.

5. Ask what skills and experience they look for in graduates

6. Find out what seminars you wish to attend. The gradireland fair features speakers on a wide-range of topics including how to improve your CV, how to apply for a graduate programme, how to work through the medium of Irish and how to write a personal statement. Check the website for times.

7. Take notes for later. Jot down a few notes after you speak with each representative. Try to establish whether the programmes on offer match your interests and goals.

8. Bring your CV – some recruiters will use online application forms but there is no harm seeking advice on your record to-date.