Engineering works out well

Fair and reasonable the verdict for Leaving Cert engineering

 Students sitting the Leaving Cert

Students sitting the Leaving Cert


The Leaving Cert engineering higher and ordinary papers attracted approval with commentators suggesting t there were plenty of marks to be earned by those who had prepared. There were few surprises and students had a chance to demonstrate what they had learned, teachers said.

“Both were very fair and reasonable; there were no problems with them at all,” said Eamon Dennehy, an ASTI subject representative.

“Students were encouraged to apply knowledge to practical situations,” he said of the higher paper.

He also viewed the ordinary paper as fair and very much in keeping with previous years. “There was a very good choice available to them; they were not boxed in.”

There was also a positive response from Dan Keane, the TUI subject representative designated to discuss the engineering papers. “I didn’t see any surprises,” he said of the higher paper. “It was in line with other years. Anybody who had studied would have had no difficulties with either paper. The usual questions came up.”

Just over 5,000 students were predicted to sit the engineering examinations, according to figures from the State Examinations Commission, about 4,000 of them the higher paper.

The questions ranged from the very practical to more theoretical concepts in the higher paper. One question asked students to describe engineering processes such as induction hardening and quenching.