Castlereagh break-in allowed to happen, says former PSNI officer

Several special officers had to move after security breach at Belfast police station in 2002


A former special branch police officer has alleged that a break in at Castlereagh police station in Belfast in 2002 was allowed to happen to protect a senior IRA agent.

Kevin Winters solicitor of KRW Law is representing the former officer and has been corresponding with the PSNI about the matter since June.

In the aftermath of the March 17th, 2002 break in it emerged that a list of special branch officers and their telephone numbers had been taken.

Code names of agents and their police handlers were also taken as were addresses of republicans and loyalists.

A number of special branch officers had to move home following the major security breach.

The Radio Ulster Nolan Show reported on Friday that a former special branch officer is alleging the theft of sensitive material was permitted or otherwise allowed to happen to protect a top ranking IRA source.

The Chief Constable has referred the matter to the Police Ombudsman to investigate.

Radio Ulster reported that Kevin Winters has said his client is prepared to make a formal statement of complaint.