Anglers are warned to avoid seasonal perils


Anglers in search of an elusive New Year salmon have been warned they could end up in deep water.

Overflowing streams and slippery riverbanks pose dangers for fishermen, according to the Irish Water Safety Association.

January 1st will mark the first day in the salmon fishing calendar at various rivers around the country.

Association chairman Mr Frank Nolan said: "Angling on Ireland's riverbanks at this time of year brings hazards that people need to be aware of.

"Rising water levels lead to overflowing riverbanks. The larger volumes of water, which often carry dangerous debris, can cause dangerous flooding conditions. Faster currents mean that even the strongest of swimmers can be swept away.

"Ordinarily familiar riverbanks may become dangerous and unstable and we ask the public to exercise caution. Anglers should wear a lifejacket if angling from a riverbank or boat."