Abbeylara: Key Dates


April 20th 2000:John Carthy shot dead by members of the Garda Emergency Response Unit after a 25-hour siege at his home at Abbeylara, Co Longford

April 25th 2000:John Carthy’s family calls for a "searching, independent inquiry" into the incident

April 28th 2000:Garda Commissioner Pat Byrne announces an internal Garda inquiry

October 12th:Jury at the inquest into John Carthy’s death concludes he died after being shot by gardaí. The family renews call for an independent inquiry.

October 27th 2000:Oireachtas Committee on Justice, Equality and Women's Rights issues interim report on Garda investigation. This includes a report from an investigation by Chief Supt Adrian Culligan which concludes that the ERU had no alternative but to shoot Mr Carthy when he emerged from his home with a shotgun

April 24th 2001:Oireachtas sub-committee inquiry begins hearings. The sub-committee will examine the effectiveness, appropriateness and reasonableness of the Garda operation and the circumstances of the compilation and publication of the Garda report into the incident.

April 27th 2001:Nine members of the Garda Emergency Response Unit (ERU) apply for immunity from giving evidence to the inquiry

April 30th 2001 :Oireachtas sub-committee is adjourned as a result of the ERU application for immunity

May 3rd 2001:Minister for Justice, Mr O’Donoghue suggests a new inquiry may have to be considered if the sub-committee is unable to finish its work,

May 21st 2001:Thirty-six gardaí are given leave by the High Court to challenge the sub-committee inquiry

November 23rd 2001:High Court upholds a challenge by the gardaí to the committee. The judgment said the conduct of a public inquiry held under the aegis of the Houses of the Oireachtas "liable to result in findings of facts or expressions of opinion adverse to the good name, reputation and or livelihood of persons not members of such Houses" is outside the authority of such Houses.

January 16th 2002:State begins its appeal against the High Court judgment of November

January 29th 2002:Following 10 days of the appeal hearing, the seven-judge Supreme Court reserves judgment

April 11th 2002:Supreme Court rejects the State’s appeal of the High Court judgment, by a majority of 5-2.