How to make an autumn wreath

Get crafty and bring some seasonal colour to your home

What you’ll need:

· Willow wreath (€2.24)

· Mixed everlasting flowers (small bouquet in a bag) (€2.38)

· Dried flowers (€4.22)


· Metal wire (€1.76)

· Lace ribbons (€2.24)

· Cotton ribbon (€0.98)

· Acrylic paint glitter, gold (€1.40)

· Side-cutting pliers (€2.76)

(All can be purchased in Sostrene Grene)

Get crafty

Step 1

Place the willow wreath on the middle of the table and put the dried flowers next to it.

Step 2

Put together small bouquets of the dried flowers and wrap them around the wreath in turns using the metal wire. During the process, vary where you fasten the bouquets to achieve a voluminous expression.

Step 3

When you have attached the bouquets half way around the wreath, stop the process and cut off the metal wire and wrap the remaining wire around the wreath.

Step 4

Now cut approximately 1 meter of lace ribbon, and wrap the ribbon around the spot where the metal wire is fastened. Finish off by making a bow.

Step 5

Cut a piece of cotton string and tie it to the top of the wreath so it can be hung.

Step 6

If you desire a little more play in your flower wreath, dab a little acrylic paint glitter on the dried flowers with a paintbrush.

Step 7

Hang the finished wreath indoors, as a decoration on a wall or on a cabinet door.