Travel Gear: simplifying life

Keeping track of belongings, the anti-smartphone and an inflight organiser

TAB Seatback Organiser 
The idea is simple: a messenger-style carry-on bag that you can fix to the seat in front offering easy access to all your travel essentials. Inside is a plethora of pockets and compartments to take passports, cards, mobiles, toiletries and snacks. There is as a luggage strap to work with a suitcase and cross-body strap for wearing it off the plane. $60 from

Nokia Treasure Tag
From Microsoft comes another gadget to keep track of your bags and keys, the Nokia Treasure Tag. It's a basic tracker that pairs with a phone app; in fact you can add up to four tags. It doesn't just run on Windows but Android and iOS too, and it'll help you find your "lost" property with audio and visual cues. If it's out of range the tag will show where it last was, and you can set it to alert you if you're about to leave the tag behind. Obviously Microsoft would like you to pair it with a Lumia, so as a bonus the Treasure Tag can double as a selfie remote for its camera too. Just don't lose the phone. €30 from

Punkt MP01 Mobile Phone
For some the inexorable rise of the smartphone hasn't simplified life, but rather has introduced a miasma of complication. Trips get interrupted with a stream of emails and notifications as the digital life eats into leisure time. The Punkt MP01 is the anti-smartphone offering calling and texting only. Swiss-based, its design is elegant and contemporary, and it's far from under-specced. You can twin your SIM and use it as a second phone on the same number, and it's got a calendar and a big contacts book. CHFR329 from