Travel Gear: Piggybacking your MacBook charger, the brolly that finds itself and Big Blue’s Band

Our pick of gadgets on the go

Blunt Metro + Tile

Blunt claims its New Zealand-designed brollies are the strongest around with a resilient canopy structure, a unique radial tensioning system, fibreglass ribs and wind-tunnel tested toughness. It would be unfortunate so to leave such a pre- eminent umbrella behind you, so Blunt’s added the option of a Tile tracker to a couple of its range, including this travel-friendly collapsible Metro. Once you set up the Tile app on your smartphone, your umbrella becomes trackable too. You can find it easily within range or reveal its location on a map if more distant. $69. blunt to find out when it’s coming to Europe.

Twelve South PlugBug World

PlugBug World turns any MacBook Power Adapter into a 2.1 amp dual charger with a USB slot that will also charge your iPhone or iPad – and lets you do it simultaneously. So you can sweat that single hotel socket a bit harder and save on your electronics packing.


In effect, the PlugBug piggybacks the laptop’s charger and comes with five accessory plugs for world coverage. It works for both versions of Apple’s MagSafe plugs and can also act as a stand- alone USB charger. €45 from the Apple Store

Microsoft Band

With Apple, Garmin, Sony and virtually every dog and divil getting into wearable tech, Microsoft wants to play too. Cue another smartphone accessory. The Microsoft Band is a wristband fitness tracker, with comes with healthy suite of sensors built-in, including an optical heart rate monitor, a UV sensor tracking sunlight exposure, a stress-measurer and integrated GPS. You pair it with your phone or use the 1.4in touchscreen for text, email and call notifications, as well as the usual social media - and even that old-school data stream, the time. £170 from Follow Tom on Twitter @tomtomkelly