Niche travel: the ultimate Euro driving tour

Some of the super cars available on the Supercar Tour 2013

Some of the super cars available on the Supercar Tour 2013


Had your fill of driving around France in a banger for your holidays, only to come home with a boot that stinks of cheese and cheap wine?

Well there is another way. Oh yes.

Quintessentially Escape has a souped-up version of the driving holiday so familiar to the rest of us.

Holiday in the fast lane with its Supercar Tour 2013, which takes place in June and sees you barrelling around Europe in an expensive sports car, just like you always imagined you would.

The eight-day tour starts in Milan and finishes in Salzburg, with each daily route selected to take you over stunning mountain passes, alongside picturesque lakes and through beautiful forests, on excellent roads with the least amount of traffic.

If that’s not
turbo-charged enough for you, finish up with a few laps around the Grand Prix track at the Salzburgring, where you get to make like The Stig.

Included in the package, which is for a driver and co-driver, is eight nights of five-star accommodation, all meals and selected Champagnes – including the one you’ll no doubt need to pour over yourself after your tour around the race track.

You also get car-to-car radio communications, Top Gear -style, continual support and guidance from events crew, and, get this, a copy of the tour on DVD, including the resident photographer’s best pictures of your fun.

Really, it’s how some people live.

Prices start from, deep breath, £9,995 per person. Okay, so where’s that ferry brochure again?