Ross O’Carroll-Kelly: ‘I’ve never been much of a conversationalist, but I’m on fire with this woman’

It storted with the shooting-of-the-s**t that goes with a doorstep package handover

It’s weird. I’ve seen little or nothing of my actual friends over the past six months. We’re talking Christian, JP, Oisinn and Fionn. I mean – yeah, no – we have our Wednesday and Saturday night Zoom chats, where we enjoy a few scoops and discuss various rugby topics, including my favourite moments from my own career, the players I would have loved to have played with, and the things I’d say to Warren Gatland if he ever flagged down my cor after his Land Rover Discovery broke down in the middle of literally nowhere.

Then there’s our Monday night table quizzes, which were Fionn’s idea – although I usually mute those, switch off my microphone and watch swan dive fails on You Tube.

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