2 Ford Focus RS: one of the most potent road weapons around

Porsches and some Ferraris would struggle to keep up with this car

Neil Briscoe channels his inner Top Gear presenter and takes the new Ford Focus RS around the Circuit de Valencia. Video: Neil Briscoe


The death of the internal combustion engined car is more imminent than ever, with genuinely usable electric cars just around the corner (metaphorically now, literally soon) and hydrogen cars waiting, tantalisingly, in the wings. So mark down the day you see a Focus RS on the road, because you will be bearing witness to one of the final, and one of the greatest, celebrations of burning dead dinosaurs in metal tubes. It’s loud in every sense (sound, colour, shape) and distinctly anti-social if you’re of a certain frame of mind. Being a Focus, it’s also practical and tolerably comfortable on real roads, but with 350hp and 4WD-that-feels-like-rear-wheel-drive it’s one of the most potent road weapons around. Even Porsches and occasional Ferraris would struggle to keep up with this thing, but it’s so tactile you don’t have to go nuts to enjoy yourself. Tyre-smoking “drift mode” is so much fun they tried to ban it in Australia.

Price range: €52,600

C02 emissions: 175g/km

Which one? Only the one model. Get it in bright blue for maximum effect.

PCP from €POA