13: Hyundai Kona – Well priced compact crossover with futureproof options

Top cars for 2020: plug-in is one of the best-selling electric cars out there and it’s not hard to see why


Hyundai’s compact crossover is something of a mixed breed, and not just because it combines the appeal of a 4x4 with the size (and running costs) of a small hatchback. No, there’s a distinct division in the Kona range and it depends on how many batteries you’d like to have included. A basic, 1.0-litre turbo petrol-engined Kona is a very sweet car indeed. It’s handsome (in a slightly odd way, but go for a stronger colour and it’s all the better), pleasant to drive, and just about roomy enough for day-to-day family duties. It’s also well-priced, with a starting sticker of €21,495.

You could spend - a lot - more though, on the Kona Electric, Sharing its parts with the Kia e-Soul and e-Niro, the Kona Electric gives you Tesla-like range for €38,130. You’ll get a claimed 450km on a charge (and a reliable 420km, driving-style dependent) but at that price level the Kona’s cheap-and-cheerful cabin starts to wane in its appeal, just a touch. Even so, it’s one of the best-selling electric cars in the country right now, and it’s not hard to see why.

Best model: 1.0 petrol is sweet, but Electric is future-proofed for €38,130

Price range: €21,495 to €38,130. Finance from €234 per month.

Co2 emissions: 0 to 158g/km (Electric range: 450km)

Sum up: Kona chameleon