Pieces of me: Glenda Gilson, model and television presenter

I’m fairly minimalist. I like clean, sharp lines and neutral colours

Glenda Gilson is a model and television presenter who is best known for her work on the fashion and celebrity programme Xposé. She is married to businessman Rob MacNaughton and they live in a modern townhouse in Castleknock, Dublin 15.

Describe you interiors style

It's creams and greys inside the house and pastels outside. I like a house that is a blank canvas that I can accessorise with a small amount of furniture and my pictures. I prefer to have colours in small doses – such as cushions that can be changed – whereas if you paint a wall a standout colour, you might get sick of it.

Which room do you most enjoy?
It has to be the kitchen. It is where all the best conversations happen. It's a place to eat and gather and to have a glass of wine around the counter. I like the effect of sitting on a stool at the counter so we have a big island with stools on either side. It's a plain white kitchen where the appliances do the talking. There's a big fridge, very American, and a wine fridge too. I keep all the food essentials in the fridge, the healthy stuff, and the odd time a few fresh cakes might get in there. And jelly, which I love. But nothing very complicated. I would burn water if I had to cook. Rob is the chef in the house.

What items do you love the most?

I love my gadgets, like the Bose sound system. When I come in from work I like to sit around listening to music. That and the TV are my favourite items. The TV is big – a 72-inch Sony – and I spend a lot of time in front of it. And my couch. It's a big L-shaped one: a bit over the top. I also love my bed.


What would you save from a fire?

Small things, frames and a photo of my wedding day. Pictures from different holidays and family – the things you cannot replace.

Do you have a favourite interior designer?

Well, they are a bit over the top but I love the fabulous kitchens by Clive Christian (the Scottish furniture designer whose hand-painted cabinets, coving and carvings are favoured by Rod Stewart and Celine Dion). I would love one. Paul Costelloe homewares for Dunnes can be beautiful and the prices are good. I put his cushions all over my couch to liven it up.

Do you collect anything?

I collect paintings, particularly pop art pictures, sketches and drawings that I have bought over the years in New York. They’re bright and splashy and have different textures. They just appeal to me. I also collect candles of all kinds and, maybe a bit strangely, nice soap and towels that I like to have around for guests. I leave them in the guest bathroom and if Rob unwraps a new soap or dries his hands on the towels, I have an absolute fit.

Which artist do you most admire?

For years I have loved Terry Bradley. I knew him in his modelling days. I love his men that look like sailors, and the women. And Salvador Dalí is a favourite too. Those melting clocks are so cool. I studied art at school and I always admired him.

What’s an interiors turn-off for you? Gaudy, bright, gilded things. Egyptian or Arabian style – it’s not for me. I just don’t like it.

And that medieval look in furniture – heavy pieces with heads on things. I am not into that. Closer to home? Well, I definitely don’t like lino.

Your favourite travel destination and what do you buy there?

New York is my favourite place in the world. I bring a lot of clothes back, but not so many things. I have a friend who travels a lot and she brings back something from every country but I am not eclectic. I like things that match. If I buy anything, it’s street art.

I love Marbella because I love the sun and it's quick and easy to get there. One day I'd like to buy a home there, and furnish it Spanish style with those big oversized sofas and pouffes and outdoor furniture. It's on such a grand scale there. We have skimpy things that we can throw away but they do it on a scale I really admire.

If you had €100,000 to spend, what you would buy?

Definitely art. You are not wasting your money there. I would go out and by a Dalí. Actually, I probably couldn’t afford one still.