Kitchen counter top trends for every budget

Best in class: Seven kitchen surface trends you might like to try


Kitchen countertops are now available in a dizzying array of options but Corian, one of the original new materials continues to offer some one of the most interesting ranges in terms of its colour and patterns and also its malleability. Pictured is a sparkling sink and worktop in Lava Rock, a deep almost basalt colour that works really with reclaimed and weathered wood fronts. Ask too about the brand's charging hot-spot that can, in conjunction with a dongle, charge devices directly from its surface. It costs from about €380 per linear metre. Wicklow-based OBRE and Limerick-based Pennywell and OBRE as well as Alwood in Lurgan, Co Armagh, are just some of the many suppliers in the country.;;

Burnished brass

London-based Bert & May's Forge kitchen is a metal-head's dream scene. It can feature burnished brass cabinetry or islands, something that has been trending for a white or that far more fashion forward choice of burnished copper, a patinated cabinet and door front in a warm terracotta that is topped with dark grey polished concrete waterfall counters. It's smart and feels far less built-in that more traditional styles. Prices for the kitchen start from about €35,000. Prices at Ashbourne-based Concrete Design Studios start from €600 per linear metre and you can see their work in Rockets, on the seafront in Dun Laoghaire and also at Outhaus in Santry.  Tyrone-based Donnelly Polished Concrete can supply and fit countertops from €3,000 upwards depending on size, location and sink and hob detailing.;;


If you fancy a seamless look to countertops on a large sculptural monobloc island then Richard Fagan of Bulthaup Hanover Quay who designed the unit pictured, suggests stainless steel or laminate surfaces and edges that can by joined totally seamlessly using laser technology. The edges are then skilfully and carefully polished by hand to create a piece that feels almost sensual to the touch. Prices start at approximately €9,375 per metre and the design is available in eight laminate colours. The pictured island worktop costs about €37,500, excluding fitting, and does not include the storage below or to the working side of the kitchen and forms part of the overall design by Maria MacVeigh. The floor was supplied by Antica.;;



Laminate is a really affordable way to add individuality to your countertops. This island, pictured, from Longmile Road-based Schmidt Kitchens & Interiors has a floating top of oxid blue, is about 3.4metres long and includes under counter bin, dishwasher and sink units. It looks smart and can be updated with the laminate begins to look worn. The island will cost about €6880.

An off-the-shelf option that architect Peter Carroll of award-winning A2 Architects likes to use is Noyeks Newmans Duropal collection because he says it has a nice bull-nose edge. He also rates Borris-based Brendan Kavanagh Kitchens for affordable laminate-topped designs.;;


Krion is a new solid surface countertop from the Porcelanosa. It can withstand the heat of pots and can be sculpted into almost any form allowing you to design a kitchen that feels more organic and less built-in. Warm to the touch and similar to natural stone it is made of two-thirds natural minerals and a low percentage of high-resistance resins. It also comes in 76 different colours, although some of these are not recommended for heavy-duty kitchen use. Each counter is made bespoke and is available to order from Ballymount-based Tilestyle but the use of magenta pink as pictured will be costing from about €2000, ex delivery and fitting.;


Terazzo is another really versatile counter material. While Colm Ryan of PJ Ryan Terrazzo Specialists recommends a polished finish for kitchens the look pictured is of a washed terrazzo, featuring white cement with grey bardiligo marble or black nero ebano marble, to give a more honed or textured finish. In real life, he suggests polishing the countertops and leaving the splashbacks with a washed texture and says you can expect to pay from E350 to E450 per linear metre with cut-outs such as a hob or a sink additional extras. Installation within the Greater Dublin area is included in the price. The firm does a lot of counters. Which tend to be custom-made and pre-cast. On some jobs the same mix is used on floors, counters and even stairs to create this seamless finish. The mug, E90, and matching carafe, E175, also pictured are by Victoria Wilmotte for French firm Haviland.;


Dekton is a very hard-working countertop material that is a blend of quartz and the materials made to make glass and porcelain, baked at kiln level temperatures. It has zero prrocity and is heat-proof, stain-proof and scratch-proof. Stone Surfaces sells a range of about 15 colours in stock with a further 15 available to order. Soke, pictured is a pale cement-look flooring that has been aged to appear cracked. It is available in 8mm, 12mm or 20ml thick options. The cost for the material is from €265 per sq m. This includes vat but does not include fabrication or fitting.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel countertops are enjoying a revival for their durability and their ease of cleaning. The Milan, pictured, is a kitchen design by Italian firm Abimis, that shows a fresh way to work the material, teaming the sanitized look of the steel with bold under-counter colour. Dublin 12-based Shortt Stainless Steel is one fabricator that may be able to deliver something similar. Showtime Essential Kitchen Products also sells several ultra contemporary takes on stainless kitchens and countertops.;;