Househunting goes virtual with reality headsets

Sherry FitzGerald trials new technology to show prospective buyers properties that are not yet built

Sherry FitzGerald is stepping boldly where no agent has gone – in Ireland at least – and trialling virtual reality to show prospective buyers properties that are not yet built.

In a bid to keep pace with the global technology advances Sherry Fitz says it commissioned Samsung to work with them to develop a virtual reality experience where buyers can do a virtual walkthrough of an unbuilt property wearing a headset which transports them inside the house as if it were built.

The technology has already been tested on two new homes schemes, including its newly launched Rockeby Park development in Lucan village, west Dublin.

Working with a local environment artist they created an experience that would more closely reflect the development when built than small scale models or floor plans.


Wearing the Samsung Gear VR headsets, househunters can better appreciate the room proportions and the views from the windows of the properties.

That’s all very well, but we want to know will it come with audio of the invaluable agent patter about the “deceptively spacious” bedroom /home office and the “highly sought-after area”?