Get active: Tag rugby

This is a game of evasion with lots of running – and it’s addictive


Explain it to me: Simon Bewley came across tag rugby in Australia in 2000. He brought it home and our summer social sport started there. I play tag (eg: Tag, you’re it!) with my nieces and nephew and it’s on this simple game that Tag Rugby is based. There are a few extra rules, but not many. The aim is to remove a Velcro tag from an attacking players’ shorts while they are running with the rugby ball. It’s an evasion game with lots of running and passing. It’s one of the only sports in which men and women compete together on a level(ish) playing field and it’s around this that most of the rules are based – women are awarded three points when they score; a man gets one. Another stipulation is that a woman must kick off when the game is restarted. These rules ensure an inclusive, whole-team approach and it’s easy to understand why it replaces the gym for many on bright summer evenings.

Where do I start: Summer leagues tend to emphasise the post-match social element and you are just in time to get involved. Contact your local rugby club or log on to to find a location that suits you.

Costs: You’ll need a pair of shorts to start (€20, A decent pair of all-weather boots are worthwhile – runners can be a bit slippery in wet or damp conditions. Then just turn up and sweat with the rest.

Top tip: If you haven’t played a team sport since school, don’t be nervous. Pick a “New to Tag” session ( and just try it. Once you have done it once, you’ll be hooked.