Australia: Which city should I choose?

From Perth’s laidback lifestyle to Sydney’s cosmopolitan buzz, cities Down Under have a lot to offer


Australia’s largest city boasts a vibrant social and cultural life, excellent restaurants and dozens of beaches, not to mention more than 780 national parks awaiting exploration in wider New South Wales. Most Irish expats find work in IT, finance or construction.


: With a thriving arts and culture scene, stunning scenery nearby and seriously good coffee, it’s no wonder the second city in Oz came top of the

once again in August 2016. Big employers include finance, insurance, property and manufacturing.


The fourth-largest city Down Under, Perth is home to nearly two million people, including a large Irish community, many of whom are working in the mining industry and related support services. The city is famously relaxed and offers a diverse mix of leisure activities.


The capital of Queensland is Australia’s third most populous city. Along with the nearby Gold Coast, this is sunshine and surf central. Many Irish are drawn here for the relaxed, beachy vibe and end up working in tourism, mining or agriculture.


With balmy winters and sweltering summers, life in the tropics isn’t always to Irish tastes, but those who move here will find it a friendly place to live. Most people tend to find work in tourism   after all, the Great Barrier Reef is right on its doorstep.

Charlie Taylor

Charlie Taylor

Charlie Taylor is a former Irish Times business journalist