Jape: ‘Dinner with our promoter’s mum, who looked like Martin Scorsese’s mother’

My most treasured food memory: Richie Egan, musician

Richie Egan: ‘I can’t describe how good that pasta was’. Photograph: Alan Betson

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The Redneck Manifesto were touring Europe a good few years ago. We had played in Modena in Italy with a great promoter called Tiziano.

We had a day off the next day and Tiziano told us his mother was going to cook us a meal. We went to his family house and his mother, who looked a little like Martin Scorsese’s mother, brought out a big pot of pasta that just looked like unremarkable pasta, served in the pot, with some table wine.

Tiziano dished out the pasta into our bowls and we started eating. There was silence at first and then there was an incredible moment when we all just started laughing because it tasted so good.

I can’t describe how good that pasta was and I still think about it to this day. It reminds me of how touring can bring a new and unexpected experience every day.


One of the best things about touring on an independent level is getting an inside scoop on the best places to eat in whatever city you happen to be in. That time in Modena and the surrounding area of Bologna was one of the best food experiences of our lives.

Richie Egan is a musician who performs as Jape and is a member of The Redneck Manifesto