All I Want for Christmas – Alex Conyngham, cofounder, Slane Distillery

After a busy year launching Slane Irish Whiskey in the US, time off with the family is top of the list

All I want for Christmas is . . . some time off with my family as I have been on the road in the US a lot this year with the launch of Slane Irish Whiskey

This season I'll be busy . . . catching up with jobs on the farm and at Slane Distillery, the new distillery and visitor centre on the grounds of Slane Castle.

Christmas really starts for me when . . . we have our annual family gathering in Slane one week before Christmas – that kicks things off!

Best Christmas present My first bike, a Raleigh Grifter. It opened up a whole new level of freedom.

Weirdest Christmas present An empty box – I was told to fill it with ideas.

That Christmassy feeling The whole family on the bed opening their stockings together on Christmas morning.

That Grinchy feeling When one kid ruins it for another by revealing things they shouldn't.

The essential Christmas ingredients Prep, cook and clean together – nobody should do that on their own.