Share your story: Have you moved to or from Ireland this year?

Whether you’ve emigrated or immigrated since 2017, we want to hear from you

Are you an Irish person who has left the country in the past 18 months to live abroad? Or are you a new immigrant who has moved to Ireland from another country to live here? Perhaps you are an emigrant who has returned to live in Ireland?

Whether you’ve arrived or left the country since April 2017, we want to hear your story. We would like to read about what motivated you to move; why you left; how you decided where to go; and the highs and lows of your experience so far.

Using the form below, tell us about yourself: where you are from, where you have moved to, from where and why, and your experience so far. Who did you come or go with? Are you working? How does life compare to where you were before? What are you enjoying most, and what have the challenges been?

Please limit your submissions to 400 words or less. A photograph is also required.


A selection of the stories will be published online in the coming days, as part of a project linked to the annual Population and Migration figures, published on Tuesday by the Central Statistics Office.

Thank you.

If you are reading this story on the app or if you are having difficulty submitting your story using the form above, please send us an email to