Unloved: Guilty Of Love –highly charged songs from David Holmes’s new band

Thu, Mar 10, 2016, 22:00


Guilty Of Love




David Holmes may be the name on the door who’ll draw the initial crowd, but the new band he’s put together can certainly stand on their own six feet. He’s joined on this Los Angeles adventure by Jade Vincent, who provides the album with rich, smoky vocals, and soundtrack composer Keefus Ciancia, who embellishes the rakish, evocative atmospherics of the material with a great sense of drama. While Holmes’s releases over the years have shown his colours when it comes to soundtracks and dancefloor devilment, Unloved comes from a fondness for moody rock noir and 1960s girl groups. Guest players are also on board – including Jim Keltner, Deantoni Parks, Wayne Kramer and Gus Seyffert – but the real stars are the spine-tingling songs like the title track, Cry Baby Cry and I Could Tell You But I’d Have To Kill. facebook.com/WeAreUnloved