Mystery Skulls - One of Us: A dark offering that looks good on the dancefloor

Thu, Aug 3, 2017, 07:45


One of Us

Mystery Skulls

Warner Bros. Records


It’s been three years since the hedonistic, youthful fun times of Mystery Skulls’ debut, Forever, and the party is well and truly over, lyrically at least. One of Us is Luis Dubuc’s response to a world where private information is easily obtained, where mundanities are recorded and analysed and there is no true “freedom”.

A concept album about a couple fighting back against dystopian oppression doesn’t sound like a dance-floor filler, but thankfully One of Us retains the open-hearted silliness of Dubuc’s previous offerings.

Losing My Mind may be a paranoid ode to our current reality but with its Jamie Lidell-style manic space-house it’s the kind of conspiracy theory you can twirl to at 2am. The relentlessly repetitive Music employs his old trick of sounding like bits that fell off Daft Punk’s spaceship; its is an anthemic, joyous finale – a welcome antidote to the album’s more sombre moments.