Mick Flannery - I Own You review: Socially aware if a bit risk-averse

Thu, Oct 13, 2016, 16:22


I Own You

Mick Flannery

Universal Music Ireland

Singer / Songwriter

Mick Flannery has been commended for his storytelling ability, and he has earned similar reputation for introspection. For his fifth album, the Corkman changes his approach by offering “50 per cent more social awareness”. This is especially audible on Cameo, his take on the digital age, and the stealthy, Tom Waits-like stalk of the title track, inspired by the Baltimore riots.

That’s also one of the most musically adventurous songs here, alongside the punchy, beat-heavy One of the Good Ones – probably the closest Flannery will ever get to a dance song. Plan and Devotee will sate fans of his trademark brooding ballads, as will the raw, understated thrum of Voice of Old

A robust album, then, but one that could do with taking a few more risks. mickflannery.com