Jagwar Ma: The in sound from way out

Lush melodies and colourful walls of sound lift the moods higher and higher

Artist: Jagwar Ma

Venue: Cosby Stage

Date Reviewed: September 1st, 2013

Stars: ***

If you want trippy music to make your head swoon, you have to head to Australia. Jagwar Ma join Tame Impala and Pond in the list of acts who’ve got their psych on in recent times. For those who fancy a wander to the wild side, the band’s ‘Howlin’ debut from earlier this year is essential listening.

Live, it’s even better with the three dudes onstage building and layering sounds until each one bubbles over into infectious, bodacious thrillers. Take ‘Come Save Me’, for instance, a futuristic soundclash of rumbling electro, rockabilly jukebox riffs and a lovely retro-pop swoon. It’s a tune you just want to rewind again and again.

But, why have crabs if you can have lobsters? Their set is full of such moments making it a series of sweet chants, lush melodies and colourful walls of sound which lift the moods higher and higher. A band who bring good times in their carry-on baggage.