Frankenstein Bolts review: Wonderful Wexford radio-friendliness

Thu, Aug 10, 2017, 05:15


Aglow & Spark

Frankenstein Bolts



It never fails to bemuse and annoy how many musicians operate on a budget that would barely buy them shoelaces. Wexford’s Frankenstein Bolts have twice thrown themselves at the mercy of their fans – in order to crowd-fund their 2014 debut album, Slow Season, and their second, Aglow & Spark – and each time the money invested has been handsomely, though not literally, returned in full.

Continuing to operate independently, Frankenstein Bolts’ duo Justin Cullen and Dan Comerford fashion summer-haze pop music that brings to mind the likes of Prefab Sprout, Danny Wilson and other (specifically UK-based) 1980s/1990s pop bands.

These influences, however, never detract from how deftly Cullen and Comerford steer their song craft towards originality. Will there be a better, smoother radio-friendly album released by an Irish band this year?