Ensemble Marsyas: Fasch – Quartets and Concertos

JF Fasch Quartets and Concertos
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Artist: Ensemble Marsyas, Johann Friedrich Fasch
Genre: Classical
Label: Linn Records

Johann Friedrich Fasch (1688-1758) may be a minor figure in the bigger scheme of things. But aficionados appreciate his music for the character and virtuosity of his writing for wind instruments. Enter Ensemble Marsyas, with bassoonist Peter Whelan and recorder player Pamela Thorby, who both feature in concertos and quartets for their instruments, as well as horn player Alec Frank-Gemmill, who has all the appurtenances of a concerto soloist in a Horn Quartet in F. Dip anywhere into this CD and you can expect to be delighted by the distinctive colours as well as the often gutsy brio of the playing. The extraordinary writing for bassoon at times made me think of the unlikely agility of John Belushi cavorting with the Blues Brothers. Like Belushi, this is an experience not to be missed. See url.ie/55bm