Rose Cousins


We Have Made a Spark Old Farm Pony Records****

There are so many singer-songwriters out there at this stage that you know after hearing a few songs whether they are on a one-way ticket to Dullsville or a rather more interesting trip. Rose Cousins is clearly on a journey that weaves in and out and all around. A multiple award winner in her native Canada, Cousins delivers her third album with the assurance of a performer many years older than she.

From the opening track, The Darkness, she displays a multi-faceted approach – the lyrics are direct and forthright, her voice is crystal clear, and her songs are durable efforts that bring to mind a songwriting daughter of Lucinda Williams and Kathleen Edwards. You’d be well advised to cop an earful of Cousins as part of a “round table” gig at Dublin’s Whelan’s, on Monday June 25th.

Download tracks:One Way, The Darkness, All the Stars