Poem of the week: Photograph of Sylvia, 1942

A new work by Ainín Ní Bhroin

Daddy is the kitten’s name. Photograph: iStock

The tip of her kitten's tail worms its way
in between the fourth and fifth button
on the front of her short-sleeved summer dress

Tilting back on her heels
she holds him 'rock a bye baby' style
his two front paws pummelling the air
Daddy is the kitten's name

The boy next door wears a striped t-shirt
gazing up at her, devoted, dazzled
His right hand on his right hip, his left
clasping one of her too-tight plaits.

Ainín Ní Bhroin has published poems and short stories in several journals and anthologies. She has received grants from the Arts Council and Westmeath County Council. Ainín works for Cyphers literary magazine