Murder Becomes Electra review: Weird in a very good way

Angelica’s devotion to her father is the catalyst for the shocking pivotal moment

Patrick Skene Catling: Perfectly told tale

Patrick Skene Catling: Perfectly told tale

Sat, Dec 23, 2017, 00:00


Book Title:
Murder Becomes Electra: A love Story


Patrick Skene Catling

Somerville Press

Guideline Price:

Don’t let the subtitle of Catling’s entrancing and disturbing little story fool you. There’s a lot more to it than a love story, and even that is more complicated than you might suspect. The reference to Greek tragic character Elektra in the title hints at the central relationship of the story, but it doesn’t come close to warning the reader about the spectacular machinations that nine-year old Angelica (a modern Electra) is capable of. Her devotion to her father, Arnold, a writer of children’s books and hapless husband to Angelica’s loathed stepmother, is the driving force of her life. It is also the catalyst for the shocking pivotal moment, which will make you gasp. It’s the kind of story that you’ll want to tell your friends you loved – even though they might think you’re a bit weird. Catling has created a perfect storm of comedy, tragedy, pathos and TV reality show in a stunning tale, perfectly told.