Surplus Value


Occupy Space, Thomas St, Limerick, Wed-Sat 1-6pm, Sun 2-6pm Until Jun 7

Surplus value was Marx’s term for the disparity between workers’ wages and the market value of what they produce. It is, then, “a measure of worker exploitation by capitalism” and, perhaps surprisingly, he pinpointed the baking industry in Limerick as a good example. In Michele Horrigan’s five-person show, Sean Lynch’s The Bandits Live Comfortably in the Ruinsis a wry presentation of archival footage documenting the attempted demolition of Rank’s Mills in Limerick, with dynamite, in 1989.

There’s a mischievous twist to the other exhibits as well. Mike Fitzpatrick’s Dealer Ties(pictured) is a work made in the mid-1990s in which he printed photographs of dozens of New York gallerists on cheap white ties. Angela Fulcher’s fabric installation recycles tents abandoned at the site of a music festival and Oliver Heinzenberger’s White Square recycles a skateboard ramp as a parquet floor.

Holly O’Brien’s photographs, finally, look at the different moods and uses of the same Limerick street corner through a 24-hour period.

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