Row over access to access to lands used for hare coursing resolved

County Kerry Coursing Club claimed it was locked out of Ballybeggan Park last June with new locks put on gates

A High Court dispute between the County Kerry Coursing Club and the owner of the former Tralee Racecourse over the use of grounds for hare coursing has been resolved.

The court heard the club had been locked out of the Ballybeggan Park site, which has been used for coursing for more than 100 years, since last June 18th when new locks were put on the gates of the racecourse. The club sued Ballybeggan Park Company Limited, the entity that owns and operates the lands.

In opposing the action, the defendant company denied all claims of wrongdoing made against it by the club.

The case, which was due to last for six days, was listed before the High Court on Tuesday. However, following talks between the parties outside the courtroom, Mr Justice Brian O’Moore was informed the case had settled.


David Sutton SC, with Elizabeth Murphy BL, instructed by O’Donoghue-Griffin solicitors, for the club, said the matter had been “resolved amicably”. No details of the agreement were given in open court.

However, counsel said the settlement was based on certain conditions being fulfilled. On that basis, he asked the court to adjourn the proceedings generally, with the ability to re-enter the case if needed.

Mr Justice O’Moore welcomed the settlement.

Previously, the High Court heard the lockout occurred despite the club being the largest shareholder in the defendant company. The club claimed the defendant had no right to prevent it from denying members their sporting rights.

It also claimed the lockout related to the company’s purported decision to sell the lands for €5 million, which it alleged was a gross undervalue. The claims were denied.

Last August Mr Justice Garrett Simons dismissed the club’s application for temporary injunctions, including to restrain the company from obstructing or interfering with the club’s pursuit of its coursing activity.