Web Log


WATCH: YouTube Top 10If you want a quick recap of what was popular in 2010, turn to YouTube. The video-sharing website has compiled a top 10 list of its most popular videos and shows snippets of each in about 90 seconds. Warning: Justin Bieber and Twilight feature heavily. http://bit.ly/fK0vf5


The National Gallery's New Website

Take a look at the National Gallery’s new website, which now features hundreds of images of works in its collections. You can get information on the different artists, browse through highlights of the collections and information on both past and upcoming exhibitions. The library catalogue and archive collections are also going online.


Dublin in 3D with Google Maps

Google Maps on Android has gone 3D, and Dublin is one of the cities to benefit. The new version of the software for Google’s own operating system features 3D buildings you can scroll around, zoom in on and generally get a good idea of what the skyline really looks like. It also has some offline capabilities, so you won’t be left stranded if you lose your data connection while out and about.


The Fine Wine app to taste like a pro

A new iPhone app is about to make your Christmas a lot easier. The Fine Wine app doesn’t try to sell you any particular brand; instead it aims to educate you about wine. It provides the user with information on the different grape varieties and blends, regional knowledge, and important details on matching food.

You can also record comments if you’ve tried a wine, and the app will even help you discover your personal taste. You’ll be able to pick wine like a pro.