Road Warrior - Lufthansa to charge GDS users, Easyjet uses drones, Hyatt spreads out, Rotten wi-fi

Lufthansa and €16 charge, Easyjet using VR and 3D, Exos from Hyatt, Dublin near top of public wi fi list

Lufthansa to charge GDS users Lufthansa Airline Group intends to change the cost of booking travel by charging the end-user for the cost of distribution from September 1st.

Travel agents who use global distribution systems (GDS) such as Amadeus, Travelport and Sabre will be charged €16 per booking, which will no doubt be passed on to clients.

Direct bookings on the airline sites will not incur the cost.

Airlines in the group also include Austrian, Swiss and Brussels. EasyJet testing new technologies EasyJet is testing the application of new technologies for the aviation business. Tests have shown automated drones can be used to conduct aircraft inspections after events such as lightning strikes. Virtual Reality headsets can help train staff to deal with various situations on board aircraft.


3D printing will also be used to replace parts within the cabin and reduce the storage of spares.

Hyatt Hotels making changes Disruption has changed the accommodation and transportation market substantially in recent years and Hyatt Hotels is embracing it. It recently invested in upscale housing company OneFineStay to better understand what customers want. Hyatt also includes Uber, the taxi company, on its app. Fastest public wifi is in Europe From Rotten Wi-Fi we discover that the fastest public wifi is in Europe. Public access has been popping up in downtown areas, parks, and city squares, and helps reduce exorbitant data costs. Dublin has 14 areas around the city; there is a map on

The top four countries in the survey are Lithuania, Croatia, Estonia and Ireland.