Withings to add apnoea detection to sleep mat

Web Log: Update will alert user to a possible breathing disturbance while they sleep

This is an exciting time for home sensors and wearables designed to aid medical diagnostics. French digital health company Withings has announced its sleep-tracking mat will receive a free update by the end of 2019 to include detection of sleep apnoea, a breathing disturbance that can cause cardiovascular issues and depression if left untreated.

The Withings Sleep is a multisensory sleep tracking mat that sits under your mattress and records movement, tracks heart rate and detects snoring to help users get data on their overall quality of sleep including how much light, deep or REM sleep they have each night. The update will combine measures of respiration, heart rate and movement to alert the user to a possible breathing disturbance while they sleep.

"By allowing people to track the intensity of breathing disturbances, we are helping them identify warning signs early. This announcement is very important as it furthers our mission to bring medical-grade analytics into the home," said Eric Carreel, president of Withings.