Voice-command Forky: Never did I think I’d feel affection for a spork

Tech tools: Add to the stash of Toy Story merchandise with the newest cast member

Forky: What more could you want?

Voice Command Forky €56

Admit it: you went to see Toy Story 4 because you wanted to, not because your child insisted. And that stash of Toy Story merchandise is not because the smaller people in your house have an obsession with Sheriff Woody either. But we can play that game for a bit longer.

Forky is the newest addition to Toy Story, and never did I think I'd actually feel affection for a spork. In true Disney style, you can now own your own Forky, and a walking, talking one at that. Play music and he dances, plus he'll spit more than 35 phrases at you. What more could you want?

Forky is the newest member of the Toy Story cast