Vodafone partners with Asavie to beef up mobile security

New solution is cloud-based and alows employees to work securely

Photograph: iStock

Photograph: iStock


Vodafone has partnered with Irish tech firm Asavie to deploy a new platform to help small and medium sized businesses meet their obligations under new data protection rules.

The platform, VDC, is built on the Asavie Moda service, which is cloud-based and enables employees to work securely on any device, from anywhere, while giving businesses control over mobile data usage. The platform offers network protection against business mobile threats and zero-day exploits.

Companies can physically protect devices with password, lock, locate and wipe features, which secures the device and data, helping businesses to comply with the incoming General Data Protection Regulation.

“Any company operating today without a robust mobile security and data control solution runs the risk of exposing itself to a variety of financial and regulatory policy breaches,” said Asavie chief executive Ralph Shaw. “Our solution is a win-win option for any company struggling to gain visibility and control of how its employees are using their mobile phones while protecting them into the bargain.”

A SIM-based solution, VDC blocks any malicious sites before they are accessed, and can be run even if the SIM card is removed and inserted into another device. Mobile data usage can be monitored through an app available for both iOS and Android.

“Until recently there has been no easy to use, all-in-one solution to protect how devices consume mobile data,” said Paula Corcoran, product manager for IoT and Mobility Solutions with Vodafone Ireland. “VDC now addresses this issue by offering sophisticated tools to help businesses comply with the latest regulations.”