Samsung’s Family Hub fridge goes on sale in Ireland

Fridge lets you see what’s inside via your phone and monitors use-by dates on food

The Samsung Family Hub fridge is on sale in Ireland for  €4,199

The Samsung Family Hub fridge is on sale in Ireland for €4,199


You may have noticed that your kitchen is starting to be invaded by smart appliances. A kettle that connects to wifi so you can switch it on and off from the bedroom. A slow cooker you can control from outside the house.

Ovens that promise to help make you a better cook. And then there is the fridge that lets you see what is inside through your phone. The Samsung Family Hub fridge has just gone on sale in Ireland, and while we can’t guarantee it will transform your life, it’s certainly an interesting idea.

21.5-inch LCD monitor

It comes with a 21.5-inch LCD monitor on the front so you can share calendars, leave notes and pin your budding artist’s works – all digitally, of course.

You can see what’s inside the fridge thanks to three cameras that snap photos every time you open and close the door, transferring those photos to your Smart Hub app.

It may even help you cut down on your food waste, with the ability to enter expiration dates for foods so you can see when a food is about to go bad.

It’s pricey though, starting from €4,199.