Oura Air Mask 2: Comfortable, safe, water-resistant mask with perfect fit

Tech Tools: Masks look to be here for some time, investing in a good one is worthwhile

Oura Air Mask 2.0 (€52)

Face masks look likely to stay around for another while yet, so investing in a good one is worthwhile. By good, we mean well-fitting and protective, and not just what looks half decent. And of course, one that allows you to breathe easily.

The Oura Air Mask 2.0 fits all those requirements. It is made of tightly woven fabric and because it is sized rather than a one-size fits most, it fits closely to your face. It also allows for the addition of an N95 filter in the pocket – and Oura sells the masks both with and without the filter.

You get an antibacterial case to store the mask in when you are not wearing it. Oura also says its masks have silver oxide and other pathogen-killing elements embedded in the fabric, but the fact that it fits well, has a water-resistant outer layer and the removable filter gets it the thumbs up here. Also, it is comfortable and still allows you enough room to breathe easily.