One More Thing: Heavyweights open door to the future

What does the future hold in terms of technology? Well for a start every baby born will have an IP address as well as a name. We will have chips in our skin and eyes which will communicate with the rooms we walk into. Smartphones will be a thing of the past and everyone will be using Google Glass.

These are some of the opinions put forward by tech leaders at the Dublin Web Summit.

Prof Leonard Kleinrock, the man responsible for the first communication over what would later be recognised as the internet, predicts we will have chips in our skin, while Box founder Aaron Levie said we will not be talking about mobiles anymore as everything will be Google Glass.

Cisco chief technology officer Padmasree Warrior said babies of the future won't just be identified by their name, but will have an IP address too, and that the internet will be everywhere from your fridge to your car. She added that network would be cleverer, while network policies would also change depending on where people log in from.

"I can access confidential information about Cisco at work but maybe I won't be able to do so using the wifi in Starbucks. While I am entitled to see that information, the network policy will change depending on my location. The network will be cleverer in that sense," she told the women in the tech leaders' lunch yesterday.

Brightcove founder Jeremy Allaire yesterday told attendees the future will be all about digital currency and bitcoin. On that basis, he has set up a start-up, Circle Internet, to drive mainstream adoption of digital currency. Mr Allaire yesterday announced the start-up had raised $9 million in Series A funding.

He said the economic model needs to change to allow for a payment system that is effectively free, with no processing or transaction costs.