Oath’s Dublin office key to US tech firm’s plans for global expansion

Company comprising 50 brands aiming to double its global users to 2 billion by 2020

US tech firm Oath plans to double its global users to 2 billion by 2020, with the Dublin-based European headquarters set to play a significant part in its international expansion.

The Irish office, which is located at North Wall Quay, currently employs more than 350 people and has room for further expansion.

Oath was formed last year from the combination of AOL and Yahoo, comprising 50 brands including HuffPost, Yahoo Mail, TechCrunch, AOL.com, Tumblr, Flurry and Yahoo Gemini.

"The name itself creates conversation – where did it come from, what does it mean?" said Patrick Scully, managing director and vice president of Oath EMEA. "It's a door opener in our business for conversations around the history of the company, the combination of the 50 different brands that sit within the company, and it has been a better tool in the kit than we realised when we picked the name."


Mr Scully said the launch of the brand was a statement of intent, and commitment to the Irish market.

Singular brand

“One of the reasons we are here in Dublin, why we are launching Oath EMEA and going to the market as Oath, is when we talk to advertisers and agencies who are interested in buying digital advertising for their customers, the benefit they see in having a singular brand, B2B company who can provide a scale of services across 50 different sub brands is massive,” he said.

Among its operations in Dublin is a large engineering, development and innovation group that works on core products and services for advertisers and publishers globally, along with corporate, sales and business operation functions.

"The EMEA business is a critical component of our global growth plan, and great talent is the driving force fuelling this growth and innovation," said Tim Armstrong, chief executive of Oath. "Ireland offers a highly talented and diverse workforce, and today's announcement of our consolidation in Dublin is a signal of our global investment that will support our members and partners in this region.

He said Dublin would play a major part in building brands and growing the business both organically and through new partnerships.

Ciara O'Brien

Ciara O'Brien

Ciara O'Brien is an Irish Times business and technology journalist