Nikon Z 50: A new camera for the Instagram generation

Tech Tools: The camera has lots going for it for those who want to up their photography game

The Nikon Z 50

If you want to up your photography game but don't want to go too far down the rabbit hole, the Nikon Z 50 could be a good place to start. The mirrorless entry-level camera uses the APS-C sensor and the Z-mount system that makes it compatible with lenses from Nikon's full-frame range. An optional extra mount opens up the F-mount lenses too. Promising perfect photos and rich 4K movies, the camera has rear display that can be moved if you want to take selfies or shoot video of yourself, and 20 in-camera effects for photos and video. The target market is clearly the Instagram generation, but if you hate social media and just fancy yourself as a budding photographer, the camera has plenty going for it.

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