Nearly €200 for a travel mug – do I look like a mug?

Tech Tools: Ember Smart Travel Mug is for the hot drink connoisseur with deep pockets

Every so often there is a product that makes you do a double-take, and not for good reasons. Step up, Ember Temperature Control Smart Travel Mug with your €186 price tag. The mug is trying to appeal to commuters who want to keep their coffee or tea at a consistent temperature for their entire commute. And not only a consistent temperature, but one of their choice. Forget about your double-walled insulated mug that costs less than €30; for the true hot drink connoiseur, you need something you can twist, tap or command to keep your drink at precisely the temperature you want. If you are that picky about your drinks and have money to spare, sure, off you go. Personally, I’ll be keeping my “dumb” travel mug, if it’s all the same.