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Microsoft unveils newest Xbox gaming console, the One X

Tech Tools: Microsoft claim it will deliver true 4K gaming and support HDR

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, introduces the new Xbox One X at the E3 expo in Los Angeles. Photograph: Mike Nelson/EPA

The wrapping is finally off: Microsoft’s new Xbox, formerly know as Project Scorpio, will be the Xbox One X. Unveiled at this week’s E3 games event in Los Angeles, the new console is expected to land on November 7th, costing €499.

The good points: it’s smaller and far more powerful than the current Xbox One, with Microsoft claiming it will deliver true 4K gaming and support HDR.

Games will load faster and have better textures and smoother frame rates. Existing Xbox One controllers, games and other accessories will still work with the new console. The list of older Xbox 360 games that will work with the new generation of consoles is also set to expand from almost 400, with Crimson Skies the first to be added.

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