iPhone X tweaks make it stand out from Apple’s handset line

Tech Tools: Smartphone notable for absence of home button will set you back €1,179

iPhone X (centre): not available in Ireland until November. Photograph: Apple/PA

Apple may have unveiled three new phones last week but it's the iPhone X that's getting all the attention. The smartphone makes a lot of changes to the well known handset line – the home button is gone, the bezel has shrunk to almost nothing and the screen has become a 5.8 inch OLED display. The result is that the power button – now the side button – is being pressed into service for everything from Siri to Apple Pay. The other option is Face ID, which means you'll have to give your phone a hard stare. Made of metal and glass, the X certainly stands out, but there is some bad news. First, it's not available until November and second, it will cost you – prices start at €1,179.

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