Garmin Rally power meters: putting all the cycling data at your feet

Tech Tools: Cyclists in training can improve their pedal power with these meters

From €666

Garmin has just released its latest cycling gear, the Rally power meters. Designed for both road and off-road cyclists, the power meters have both single and dual-sensing pedal options, and are compatible with certain Shimano and Look cleats. The sensors in the pedals give riders accurate data on their training sessions, measuring cadence, power and – in some cases – left-right balance. The data can be used to improve pedalling form, and help tweak cleat position to get the most effective training possible. The RK200, RS200 and XC200 are dual-sensing, while the RK100, RS100 and XC100 are single-sensing, with 120 hours of battery life on a single charge. The systems can also be paired with Edge cycling computers and indoor training platforms such as the Tacx Training app, Zwift and TrainerRoad.