Drawing app for iPad puts lead in Pencil

Award-winning Paper app is ideal for storyboards or PowerPoint presentations


Paper by FiftyThree is an award-winning sketch/drawing app for the iPad. Using a stylus or your finger, it serves as a sketchbook but isn’t just for artists. Tools for converting rough shapes into smooth circles, squares, etc. make this app ideal for creating storyboards or presentations with the option to export to PowerPoint and Keynote.

Although this free app works as a standalone, it comes to life when used in conjunction with Pencil, a Bluetooth-enabled stylus designed to be a “natural” pencil. When paired with your iPad it responds to surface pressure, detecting fine lines and heavier-handed shading. Pencil also has palm detection, so you can lean on your iPad as you sketch and it won’t interfere.

Flip Pencil over and the top is automatically recognised as an eraser. And, as with real paper, you can use your finger to smudge lines and blend. Made from wood or graphite-coated aluminium, this is the smartest and most stylish stylus you’re going to find and a joy to use.